The Thing You Don’t Know But Should: Putting and Chipping

a-lesson-in-chipping-from-jim-fuGolf has become one of the most watched and highly respected sport in modern society. Catering to sports enthusiasts who enjoy technique, strategy and skill, this is a sport that continuously tests even the most advanced athletes. Using specific techniques allows golfers to adjust their skills and use different tips to their benefit at different points of the game. Having a full arsenal of specific tips is the best way to get the advantage in any game. The dynamic circumstances make for a thrilling event and golfers should continuously be working to improve their roster of techniques.

Chipping allows for the maintenance of an overall low score. Missing the green is not unusual in any game of golf and chipping is the difference from scoring a bogey or saving the par. Some of the best advice for chipping includes using your hands and hinging your wrists as opposed to making a putting motion. It is important to note this as many golfers are instructed to create a putting motion in order to chip the ball back onto the green.

Be loyal to a specific set of clubs and try not to change the one you choose for chipping. Being accustomed to the way the club feels when going to chip is important and you don’t want to be stuck trying to break in a new piece of equipment on the course.

Once you are on the green there are many things to remember when going to put the ball. If you want to keep your score low and hit the ball smoothly towards the hole you’ll have to follow a simple procedure. Ensure that your eyeline is in front of the ball on your target. The ball will roll over this spot and using a target line of this sort instead of looking at the hole ensures a much straighter and smoother put.