Indoor Golf Facility: Quality Partnerships

d8d1489581b734a37b2c68f2c4c8a522This indoor golf facility is proud to partner with local companies in the area. Raising awareness about community events and opportunities for local support, our indoor golf facility takes pride in being part of the local business network. Our partners work with us to create the quality experience that our patrons and employees love. We couldn’t be the well rounded, highly rated institution that we are without the partnerships that support the different services we provide to the community. We have been blessed with collaborators who care about delivering the highest quality service and ensuring each individual who enters the indoor golf facility is given the best experience possible.

The Banker’s Building and Framing Ltd. has been a partner with us for many years. They have helped partner with our golf professionals to develop the beautiful architectural space that houses our simulators and captivates our patrons. The space has been referred to as one of the best managed buildings in the area and we have the people at Banker’s Building and Framing Ltd. to thank for those great works.

The Cabarnera Catering Club is one of the most popular places to access fine dining in the area and have partnered with us to provide the most unforgettable experience. Events have never been so colourful since we’ve partnered with the Cabarnera Catering Club to infuse our area with the scents and delicacies that conjure the highest sense of luxury.

Our collaborations are about mutual exchange and many of the companies we bring to work with us are to add value to the experience for our customers. Cooperating with the Maple Ridge Golf Club has been successful on many levels as a mutual supportive exchange. Patrons of the Maple Ridge Golf Club can benefit from being members of both facilities and this partnership has added extra prestige to both institutions. Both facilities have a high regard for quality and have infused this into their respective policies.